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Harris County Juvenile Defense Attorney | Transcript on Appeal

Harris County Juvenile Defense Attorney
Posted on May 21, 2012 by Harris County Juvenile Defense Attorney Andy Nolen   

Sec. 56.02.  TRANSCRIPT ON APPEAL.  (a)  An attorney retained to represent a child on appeal who desires to have included in the record on appeal a transcription of notes of the reporter has the responsibility of obtaining and paying for the transcription and furnishing it to the clerk in duplicate in time for inclusion in the record.

(b)  The juvenile court shall order the reporter to furnish a transcription without charge to the attorney if the court finds, after hearing or on an affidavit filed by the child’s parent or other person responsible for support of the child that the parent or other responsible person is unable to pay or to give security therefor.

(c)  On certificate of the court that a transcription has been provided without charge, payment therefor shall be made from the general funds of the county in which the proceedings appealed from occurred.

(d)  The court reporter shall report any portion of the proceedings requested by either party or directed by the court and shall report the proceedings in question and answer form unless a narrative transcript is requested

Harris County Juvenile Defense Attorneys
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